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Ike (Isaac Curran) is now displaying work in The Coastal Design Gallery in Campbeltown Jane & Grant Logan have a well appointed gallery, Grant designs and makes stunning jewellery . I have now created a photo page on "photobucket" its a lot easier for me to upload pictures directly to the albums and that way folk can see what we are making.  You can visit my page click here: IKE CURRAN PICTURES


Craft Fair News


I am very sorry to announce that due to ongoing ill health Isaac cannot organise and run the botanic Gardens Craft fair, all dates are cancelled.  Isaac had a procedure on his spine early in February and has just been discharged from hospital with ongoing heart decease problems (29 February 2016).  Isaac and myself are truly sad that this has had to be cancelled.
















In this area you will find pages on wooden top type things, there are up to date pictures of the workshop as well as Equipment, DVD and Book reviews as well as a tips and techniques pages (small at the moment), if you want to send in your own tips and techniques I will be only too pleased to put them on the website and credit them to your name, so please email me with any items and try to include pictures if you can.


When I write a report on an item I do it from OUR perspective, I have yet to see a BAD report on an item in a woodwork Magazine, I mean no offense when I say the reason for this is that each company or sales outlet has there "Professional Turner" and he will praise that item.  I have no such ties to any company or organisation, therefore what you get is my opinion, it does not make it true, its just how I see the item and with my experience level how I find it to work with.  I am not up to the standard of Professional Woodturner so its a pure amateur opinion.


I love tools so if you want a report on something, if we have it I will try and produce one for you.


Once again if you have a review then please let me have it, I have in the past failed to post one review I received and for that I apologise, I will make every effort to see that it does not happen again.


Ike Curran