Kelton Hollowing System





Ike (Isaac Curran) is now displaying work in The Coastal Design Gallery in Campbeltown Jane & Grant Logan have a well appointed gallery, Grant designs and makes stunning jewellery . I have now created a photo page on "photobucket" its a lot easier for me to upload pictures directly to the albums and that way folk can see what we are making.  You can visit my page click here: IKE CURRAN PICTURES


Craft Fair News


I am very sorry to announce that due to ongoing ill health Isaac cannot organise and run the botanic Gardens Craft fair, all dates are cancelled.  Isaac had a procedure on his spine early in February and has just been discharged from hospital with ongoing heart decease problems (29 February 2016).  Isaac and myself are truly sad that this has had to be cancelled.
















Kelton Hollower System


This is the Middle sized set, purchased early 2006, including the extension handle.  Its now December 2009 and in November I purchased the small set as well.



I must admit that I borrowed a set of these hollowing tools before actually buying my own set and was moved to purchase my own.


When I did decide to purchase my own set the Tools arrive with a molded covering on the cutting edges and well packed, I opted for the middle sized set because I figured maybe the large would be too much for everyday stuff and the small too light.


Having used them a fair bit now for small and medium hollowing I have found them to be almost the best thing since slice bread.


1.  The edge keeping qualities are great, NEVER put them near a grindstone, just flatten the burr across the top with a diamond stone    and then a few rubs up the side to the top with the same stone and you have a great edge.

2.  The cut with these things is very smooth and because of the size of the tips I found them easy to control.

3.  The three different shapes are very useful and the undercut capabilities are good.

4.  The handle is possibly a bit too chunky and a little heavy to hold for a great length of time but it does add balance.

5.  The only downside to the handle extension is that when attached the grub screws protrude way too much but that's a small price to pay.


Over all I found these hollowing tools are very good and robust, unlike many tools I've bought I certainly have no reservation in recommending these to anyone and in fact I know of three people who based on that have gone out and purchased them, all of them have said they were worth the money.


They are available from Peter Hemsley at Toolpost follow this link Kel McNaughton