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Ike (Isaac Curran) is now displaying work in The Coastal Design Gallery in Campbeltown Jane & Grant Logan have a well appointed gallery, Grant designs and makes stunning jewellery . I have now created a photo page on "photobucket" its a lot easier for me to upload pictures directly to the albums and that way folk can see what we are making.  You can visit my page click here: IKE CURRAN PICTURES


Craft Fair News


I am very sorry to announce that due to ongoing ill health Isaac cannot organise and run the botanic Gardens Craft fair, all dates are cancelled.  Isaac had a procedure on his spine early in February and has just been discharged from hospital with ongoing heart decease problems (29 February 2016).  Isaac and myself are truly sad that this has had to be cancelled.
















Charnwood 12" Variable Speed Mini Wood lathe W815

I purchased this variable speed mini lathe from a small dealer on ebay in 2008, (January 2010 Poolewood Machinery are selling at £104.93 inc VAT)I needed a small lathe that I could tote around for demonstrations.  I have previously borrowed a small Perform lathe and also an Axminster, both of these lathes had got really hot after about 30 minutes of running and lets face it why wouldn't they.

The first time I used this little lathe and I do mean the very first time, the large tool rest just snapped in half across the stem, as I was at the Govan Gathering in Glasgow it was a bit of a problem, but the small rest managed to survive the rest of the day.  I must just add at this stage that after the Gathering I contacted Charnwood directly and they sent out a replacement rest IMMEDIATELY no quibble no questions.

I did have the borrowed Axminster lathe on hand that day because I was going to be making little things like spinning tops, flowers, boxes etc all day to give away.  I figured this lathe would overheat in no time.

Boy was I wrong!!!!!  this little beauty chugged along hour after hour, I started at around 11am and did not shut down till 3.30 pm.  As I turn from my wheelchair at these things, let me assure you that I get covered in shavings.

I am so impressed with this little gem and at a price of £98 I would have no hesitation in recommending it as a cracking little starter lathe for anyone wishing to have a low cost entry into turning.  I have replaced the rests now with a Sorby system and a half inch stem, the banjo did need a little drilling out but it was a few min task.

Distance between centres 300mm
Distance over bed 200mm
Motor (carbon brush) 250w
Speeds 750 - 3200rpm
Spindle thread size 3/4" x 16tpi
Head and tailstock tapers 1MT
Dimensions (wxdxh) 690mm x 220mm x 310mm
Weight 20kg


Rating DIY