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Ike (Isaac Curran) is now displaying work in The Coastal Design Gallery in Campbeltown Jane & Grant Logan have a well appointed gallery, Grant designs and makes stunning jewellery . www.coastal-deesign.co.uk I have now created a photo page on "photobucket" its a lot easier for me to upload pictures directly to the albums and that way folk can see what we are making.  You can visit my page click here: IKE CURRAN PICTURES


Craft Fair News


I am very sorry to announce that due to ongoing ill health Isaac cannot organise and run the botanic Gardens Craft fair, all dates are cancelled.  Isaac had a procedure on his spine early in February and has just been discharged from hospital with ongoing heart decease problems (29 February 2016).  Isaac and myself are truly sad that this has had to be cancelled.















Beall Wood Buffing System


For quite some time I searched for a suitable polishing system, I ended up using a couple of cheap mops and some green compound, which for some while did the job.

I came across the "Beall" system at the Scottish National Woodworking Show in 2005 on the "Toolpost" stand and after watching a demo, I purchased the large wheel set with the Tripoli Paste, White Paste and the Carnauba Wax Current (Price as at 20 May 2006 £54.56).  The set you see in my picture below is the same set of wheels, very much used, I added the balls at the last show this year 2006.




It does seem an awful lot of money to pay for a polishing set but when I add up what I normally spend on various polishing compounds it all starts to be a lot less expensive.


I added the 2 mt extension to my set and this gives the mount a good distance from my lathe spindle.

The instructions that come with the set are easy to understand (like its rocket science) and basically consist of telling you to work through the compounds, Tripoli, White, Wax in that order and making sure you have the correct wheel.  Speed wise, just bear in mind that the faster the setting the harder the edge of the wheel becomes, if you want to get into crevices then slow the speed down and the mop will flow more easily around the item.


From a safety point of view you MUST make sure that you have a secure hold on the item being worked and make sure the wheel is polishing away from you and its NOT going to catch on the edge of an item YES YES I do speak from experience.  I had a nice little pot which caught (my own daft fault) I had the revs right up at 2000

and when that thing caught it took off like a bat out of hell, hit the bed of the lathe, bounced into the backboard at just the right angle to spring back directly at my head, NO I did not duck in time and NO I did not have a faceplate on and YES it hurt like hell!!!!!


However on the bright side, these mops WORK, the finish you can expect is just great, if you use a sanding sealer before polishing then the shine is that much better.  I have no regrets about buying the set and no hesitation in recommending them, you can see from the size of my Tripoli paste that I have used these a great deal, don't be over generous with the Wax, over polishing just smears the item.




I purchased the Large and Medium set at this years (2006) Scottish Show.  I did think about buying the small balls as well but just found them a little on the expensive side, however on reflection, they take a lot more making than the wheels.  In use all the rules still apply and once again a great result.  I found that the speed does need to be cranked up a little to compensate for the size.  NEVER EVER EVER try to force a ball into an orifice which is just obviously too small for it, one of two things will happen, it will cause so much heat that you get a nasty burn mark around the rim of the item or it does the bouncy bouncy thing, please DON'T ask me how I know these things.


All in All this set gets the thumbs up from me and I have recommended them without hesitation.

The Beall System is available from